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Predicting who's likely to move to minimise risk

The days are gone when you could build residential property based on gut feel and recent market transactions and wait for it to sell.

Now, leading builders test their instincts with data – understanding exactly who will move in before they even break ground and shaping each development to meet real demand.

We can help you see your audience in unprecedented detail: who’s likely to move, what they can afford, and the format and tenure that will appeal. All backed up with hard data to help you win investment and buy-in.

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Understand Affordability


Market rents and sale prices can only tell you so much about what the people in an area can actually afford. Even average local earnings are only part of the picture.

For a true, detailed view of affordability, you need to know disposable income and how much a potential mover is likely to have saved towards a deposit.

It’s all available using our Ocean and Paycheck Disposable Income data. And it means you’ll always be able to base your calculations on an accurate view of what the market will bear – with clear evidence to satisfy stakeholders and authorities. Find out more.

Predict Customers


Before you draw up your plans, you should know who’s likely to be moving in. Our data can tell you who’s likely to move home when, and whether they’re likely to rent or buy.

We can tell you their disposable income, and how likely it is they’ll have saved for a deposit. We can even tell you what they’re looking for in the local area and what kind of property they want.

This knowledge is powerful. It makes planning applications easier, marketing more efficient, and homes easier to sell. Find out more.

Predict Growth


We can help you predict which towns are likely to grow and why. By mapping shops and amenities, crime levels, public transport, social infrastructure you can spot future hotspots before your competitors do.

There are many ways that areas can change – not just population and house prices.

We can help you to understand an area’s changing disposable income, employment, leisure and retail, and transport links – helping you to predict future demand before property prices rise. Find out more.



We’re not an agent, a developer, or a landowner. We’re completely independent with no vested interests – so you can be sure our findings are never trying to influence you.

Our only concern is giving you the correct, data-backed answer to your question – based on the whole market, not a small part of it.

That’s why our analysis and data are so often used to support planning applications, feasibility studies, and investment pitches. We’re transparent, rigorous, and credible. And ultimately, it means you make better decisions, more of the time. Find out more.





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Recent transactions and agents’ advice can only tell you so much about what home movers will want next year, or the year after that.

But what if we could tell you who’s likely to move, and where? What kind of property, tenure and local amenities they want? What their disposable income is and what savings they’re likely to have?

Suddenly, you’ve taken all the risk out of development. You can design your development, your marketing strategy, even your planning and investment pitches based on real, hard evidence. In a changing property market, it’s the most certainty you can get.

If you’re wondering how your team can plan for success, we’d love to show you what we can do. (We promise you’ll be impressed.)

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