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Providing global insight into people and places

CACI’s location planning team offer location advice around the world for people who require insight into people and places to make informed commercial decisions.

Our clients demand a wide range of location and demographic analysis, including location roadmaps, portfolio reviews, sales prediction models, customer segmentation, site feasibility studies and tenant mix advice, market entrance, territory optimisation, location advice, ranging and format planning in addition to general demographic analysis and spatial analytics.

Sector specialists

CACI ‘s consultancy team includes sector specialists across retail, grocery & convenience, automotive, healthcare, finance, property, leisure, housing, media, FMCG and the public sector as well as world leading specialists in segmentation, spatial analysis, shopper surveys, data and geographic information systems. We have a range of practical backgrounds combined with academic excellence to make our location planning team the pre-eminent location planning team in the world.

Whether you’re a first time location analysis buyer, an expert or just exploring the competitive advantage CACI bring through location analysis, CACI’s consultants will be delighted to recommend the best approach for your business. Our solutions range from simple to the sophisticated and from one off projects to continuous research.

People work with us because our solutions are designed with implementation in mind from the outset. Our innovation, data, range of solutions, expertise, practicality, specialist software and implementation skills ensure a CACI solution will always deliver. Above all clients choose to work with us because of our passion and enthusiasm, and our people – if you’re in need of some advice or help you won’t be disappointed.

Global expertise

Our location analysis is global. We have built customer interaction models in India, sales turnover models in Australia, roadmaps in Russia, retail the length of the US, and projects across the Middle East, Africa and South America.  All supported by CACI’s best of breed data and consultants who will advise on the best approach to fit your budget, timescales and requirements. 

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