International Retail Catchments

CACI’s Retail Markets benchmarking defines consumer catchments for major markets across the world

Retailers, leisure operators, developers and investors want to target markets for additional expansion, support new market entry strategies, prioritise targeting consumers in the right cities and towns, and optimise tenant mix in line with consumer demand. Understanding the current and future consumer catchments of destinations is essential. CACI’s Retail Markets benchmarking defines consumer catchments for major markets across the world.


The Retail Markets model is uniquely valuable

Retail Markets is a gravity catchment model that replicates observed consumer interactions with retail and leisure destinations for over 50 countries around the world – in North America, South America, Africa, Asia-Pacific, Europe and the Middle East.

Our unique model’s insights enable you to understand the quality of retail and leisure provision within centres, the size and extent of the consumer catchment, and the composition of demographics. Retail Markets supports operators of every size and type – from the largest multi-channel, multi-national organisations to independent family run companies. It empowers them to make accurate, data-driven decisions relating to existing and proposed locations.

In Europe, Retail Markets defines over 12,500 destinations and covers all 44 European markets in a consistent way. It addresses cross-border retail, so you can quickly identify and benchmark locations across Europe that have similar market characteristics to your best performing existing locations.

Retail Markets covers the USA, Canada, Brazil, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Australia, Morocco, Japan, and South Africa, amongst other international markets. Crucially, data for every country is refreshed regularly, revealing changes in consumer behaviour that can help you outperform globally.