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Vehicle Routing & Scheduling Optimisation

Truckstops is a software solution to optimise vehicle schedules and routes to minimise costs. Setting up is quick and easy, even when you want Truckstops to do complex tasks. Truckstops will help you improve customer service, save time and reduce distances travelled, making your operation greener and more economical to run.

Truckstops route planning, scheduling optimisation software is world renowned for outstanding multi-drop and bulk routing and scheduling. There are thousands of licences sold throughout the world to help organisations optimise route planning for fleets of HGVs, vans and cars. Users range from food and drink companies in Australia to leading pharmaceutical companies and wholesalers in the UK, to horticultural companies in the USA.

You can use detailed information regarding your vehicles and drivers and the goods transported, prioritise orders, take into account specific time windows and much more. Return on investment can be substantial and immediate (typical cost savings are up to 30%) and can benefit your business in many different ways including minimising cost, reducing distance travelled, eliminating the need for 3PL contractors, reducing time spent planning and more.

Reduce Mileage Save Planning Time Enhance Customer Service
Save fuel costs and make every trip efficient Automate routine planning and produce reliable schedules fast Meet SLAs consistently, anticipate and communicate exceptions


Our Clients


  • Plans efficient money-saving single and multi depot routes
  • Calculates time and distances using road networks with detailed speed data
  • New interface that makes it easy to plan complex scenarios
  • Friendly support team with global implementation experience
  • Easily works with other logistics systems such as ERP, tracking or WMS etc


  • Fixed route revision
  • Daily scheduling
  • Strategic review
  • Single/multi depot optimisation
  • Collections and deliveries
  • Sophisticated and bespoke activities
  • Bulk transport, trunking & tramping
  • Depot territory planning

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Vehicle Routing & Scheduling Optimisation