Address data

Geographic co-ordinates for address data

Geocoding is the process of adding geographic co-ordinates to address data. Having reliable and accurate address and postcode data forms the key building blocks for many organisations, helping them locate businesses and customers quickly and easily.

Accurate and precise locations can be used in home delivery routing, creation of market analysis mapping, creation of catchments and territories around these points or maybe start or finish routes at these locations. More accurate geocodes mean more efficient use cases and bigger benefits.

CACI provides a range of address and postcode solutions covering different countries and use cases. From simple postcode geocoding to premise level address matching, CACI’s data solutions can be used within route optimisation tools, GIS applications, databases or accessed via an API allowing them to harness the power of the data in any environment.

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AddressAnalytix provides full address details of every property (residential and commercial) in Great Britain. It comes complete with highly accurate premise-level geographical coordinates and extra information to enhance planning logistics applications. By providing the exact location of a property and knowing what kind of property it is can provide significant financial savings to logistics companies and reduce driver and customer frustration. For example, CACI has compared the benefits of geocoding using Address Analytix with geocoding using postcodes. On average 30 seconds / 110m per drop is saved. For an average organisation with 100 vehicles delivering 6 days per week, this results in saving driver hours and fuel totalling over £80,000 pa.

Global geocoder

Geocode addresses down to premise level across the globe using the HERE platform. This easy to use, out of the box solution works alongside your existing GIS, BI or CRM system providing accurate geocoding in a single application.


Before Eircodes were introduced in 2014, logistics planning and analysis were very difficult in Ireland, due to inconsistent addresses. Eircodes solved the problem and provided a solution that can be used to precisely geocode your data in Eire down to an individual property. Every postal address is located and addresses included in a standard format with a unique reference number for each of the 2 million plus addresses.

Postcode data

In many countries, postcodes provide an easy to use method of finding the approximate location of an address. CACI have a comprehensive range of postal solutions from unit postcode points in the UK, with historical postcodes to help people find a location, even if that postcode is no longer valid, to 5 digit postcode boundaries for Puerto Rico that are used for territory planning and analysis.