Navigation and Speeds

Navigation and speeds datasets

The navigation and speeds datasets add road speeds and navigational restrictions such as one way streets, low bridges, HAZMAT constraints etc. Road speeds are supplied as average speed actually travelled by vehicles tracked on specific road links by vehicle type, time of day and time of the year  and as the legal speed limit on that particular stretch of road.

UK Red routes

Red routes are major roads on which most vehicles are not allowed to stop even for loading or setting down passengers. This data provides information for each road link identifying whether it is part of a red route or not. The data covers over ten cities in the UK which currently have red routes.

Electric Vehicle Road Networks

Navigational and hazardous material (HAZMAT) restrictions data provides a wide range of truck driving information such as bridge heights, one way streets, steep hills and petrol stations, routes along which explosive and flammable goods can not be driven, costs of tolls. All this data is only available for use with HERE map content road networks. The CACI team will link the data to the road network for you.

ADAS - Road Slope and curvature

This data pack provides curvature information and height/slope data for use with the HERE road network. Commonly used in Automated Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), this dataset provides a value for the curvature of every major road link. In addition, the height of either end of each road link ID is provided, together with a slope percentage of that link, and the direction of the slope.

Road Accident Statistics

This comprehensive product provides over 8 million records of road accidents in Great Britain since 1979. Attributes include the total number of road accidents, total number of incidents per mile as well as the number of fatal, serious and minor in each road segment. This product also comes with an Accident Index which provides over 60 fields containing additional information about each accident record.

Drivetime & Distance Matrices

Derived from your chosen routable road network and points datasets, this dataset offers drive-time and distances between every point to every other point in the datasets. Allows for fast querying and simple incorporation into your own application.

Traffic Volume Index

Whether you are researching locations for new outlets, looking for the best sites for your product distribution and promotion or assessing road conditions, you need to know how much passing traffic to expect.
Derived from billions of GPS sampled points from vehicles on the move, this dataset indicates the relative volume of moving vehicles on each street. CACI’s established spatial aggregation techniques have been used to calculate which of the 16 different traffic volume categories they should be assigned to.

International Road Speeds

The International Road Speeds data set provides travel speeds from past traffic flow measurements at 5 or 15 minute intervals. The separate speed limit product gives the legal limits for different sections of road, which can be used in telematics applications. This data is available for use with HERE or TomTom road networks.

INRIX UK & Ireland Vehicle Speeds

INRIX UK & Ireland Road Speeds data is provides accurate GPS derived speeds vehicle type (e.g. cars, vans or trucks) and by time of day such as peak or off-peak and more. INRIX speeds can be linked to many common road networks such as HERE, OS highways, and Open Street Map to provide precise speeds for every road segment.