Demographic, population and expenditure data

Providing valuable insight into workforce and customer patterns in the logistics industry.

Demographics, populations, and expenditure data provides valuable insight into workforce and customer patterns in the logistics industry. Demand forecasting, capacity planning, network strategy, fulfilment planning and strategic routing all can be influenced by changes in population and demographics and it is important to include this data when undertaking this type of analysis.

Predicting customer demand for goods or services is key to a sound logistics strategy to facilitate a healthy balance between efficiency and flexibility in many areas, including:

  • Demand forecasting. To accurately calculate demand across your product groups for different scenarios.
  • Capacity planning. To ensure that you have the right level of capacity all the way through your supply chain to efficiently meet your customer’s demands.
  • Network design. To answer key questions such as how many distribution points you need, where should they be located, what type and how big they should be.
  • Fulfilment planning. To put in place the pieces to allow you to fulfil your customer requirements most efficiently.
  • Strategic routing analysis. To allow you to model many different types of routing scenario, answering key questions to help meet your business goals.

CACI has a wide range of demographic data solutions, providing income and expenditure data, and socio-demographic indicators.

CACI can provide the data as an input into your strategic investigations or we can support your analysts in a consultancy capacity

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Acorn is CACI’s flagship geodemographic segmentation tool that provides a rich and detailed understanding of consumer characteristics for people and places across the UK.


Ocean is the leading UK consumer database, providing insight on demographic, digital, lifestyle and attitudinal characteristics.

Wellbeing Acorn

Wellbeing Acorn provides an improved understanding of the issues of local communities in accordance with their health and wellbeing needs. This helps prioritise or allow extra time for deliveries to those who are vulnerable or most at risk.

Vulnerability Indicators

Identify customers who may be considered vulnerable, so that you can support them in the right way.

Population and Household Estimates and Projections

Provides population split by age and gender and are useful for predicting future trends.

Up-To-Date Demographics

Provide key demographic information allowing you to track change at a local level. They are constantly updated and accurate.


Consistent and reliable gross household income at postcode level for the UK.

Spend Estimates and Projections

Provide a picture of UK consumer spending across multiple retail and service categories.