Road Network and Address Solutions

Final metre delivery is a key challenge for supply chain and logistics, as demand for home and same-day delivery soars. Every minute and metre counts towards the efficiency you need to underpin profit and customer service. You need our advanced address and routing data and tools.

For logistics and delivery networks of any size, the cumulative effect of optimised delivery times makes a big different to profit, efficiency and competitiveness. You need to know more than the destination’s postcode – you need to pinpoint the exact location of the front door. Your journey mapping needs to factor in traffic conditions, vehicle type, speed limits and route restrictions to plot the most economical and timely pattern of drops between depots and doors.

Get the data and tools you need for deep efficiency

Sophisticated and detailed geo-data can guide your drivers and couriers to the doorstep, avoiding delays from peak congestion, lack of on- or off-road parking, or problems finding the address in a densely populated area or large rural postal sector. You can plan the most efficient routes using precise information to time each drop, rather than inaccurate averages. Driver and customer experiences are better, while your profitability will reflect improved efficiency across hundreds or thousands of drops per day.

CACI’s geolocation and routing data and tools give you complete advance visibility of the journey from depot to doorsteps for residential and business deliveries.

  • Real-time traffic feeds
  • Drivetime by time of day
  • Parking availability
  • Type of destination building
  • Route restrictions by vehicle type

Feeding advanced address and route data into responsive and powerful route planning tools gives you the best chance of delivering a profitable and reliable fleet delivery service. Clear data about the time and cost for different delivery types and routes is vital for financial planning and customer pricing. You can also model accurately for growth, built on a clear understanding of the types of vehicles and capacity needed to meet additional demand.


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