Live Route Management

With live information about the progress of your vehicles and delivery drops, you can keep your customers informed on progress and respond effectively to unexpected delays. Our live route execution tools give you clear, real-time visibility in a convenient dashboard.

Truckstops gives you control of your logistics, customer service and fleet compliance. Deploy barcode scanning to keep track of every consignment from depot to door. Track and trace shows you where every item is at all times – you can make this information visible to clients or end customers through an app or portal. Digital proof of delivery or collection means you have a complete and reliable record of interactions. Proactive notifications of progress contribute to a great customer experience. Vehicle and driver records help you keep track of maintenance needs and rest requirements, so you can allocate resources accurately and safely.

Get the best from your fleet and workforce

When you know about the progress of every vehicle and driver, you can make sure you’re using resources efficiently. Plan routes to accommodate rest breaks and to ensure that vehicles are serviced and repaired when required, for safety and legislative compliance. Keep clients and recipients informed automatically, so you can see exactly what’s happening from a live record and resolve any customer service queries quickly.

Live route information you can rely on

With our logistics sector expertise, we’ve designed a route execution solution that harnesses technology to help logistics teams deliver accurately, efficiently and cost effectively.

  • Multi-depot and trunking
  • Vehicle and driver allocation
  • Load planning
  • Order management and search
  • Digital barcode tracking and PODs

With the data you gather every day from live route execution tools, you can continually refine your route planning algorithms to reflect real-world conditions. Dashboard visualisations give you instant visibility of your entire fleet and delivery workload for the day. You can search for driver, vehicle and consignment information and use analytics to understand opportunities to improve performance for different kinds of loads, routes and resources.


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