Stop Time Predictors

Detailed address data including parking space availability, property type and more.

When planning delivery schedules, simply knowing the number of stops and the drive time to reach each stop isn’t enough. Many organisations plan hundreds of deliveries per day, so saving a few seconds per delivery can really add up, create a lot of efficiency, and generate significant savings. It is key to know how long each delivery will take and knowing the type of building or the ease of finding a parking space can be a big factor in influencing this.

Drivers with busy schedules can become increasingly frustrated when they arrive at an address and find that they need to spend precious minutes finding a parking space or walking up multiple flights of stairs to make a delivery. Often these elements are not factored in when creating schedules which results in delayed deliveries and disgruntled drivers who are under pressure to get to their next stop on time. Under or over estimating delivery times can have a huge impact on the number of routes that can be planned which affects profitability.

CACI can provide valuable data about each address such as the property type and the likelihood of finding a parking space, which when used with a route scheduling solution will create more accurate driver schedules, taking these factors into account and also helps minimise driver frustration.

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AddressAnalytix provides full address details of every property (residential and commercial) in Great Britain. It comes complete with premise-level geographical coordinates and extra information to enhance planning logistics applications. In addition it reliably identifies the type of building at an address helping logistics companies allow for extra time in their schedule if the property is a flat. AddressAnalytix also provides information about whether a property is on a red route, meaning that you cannot park outside and need to allow extra time to deliver an item. These key factors can provide significant financial savings to logistics companies and reduce driver and customer frustration.

Ease of parking

Knowing how likely you are able to park outside an address can be an important factor when creating driver schedules, as spending significant amounts of time searching for a parking space will create delays and increase driver frustration. This is especially important when delivering items in large vehicles or when providing services to a property which require parking at an address for more than a few minutes. CACI is able to identify the likelihood of being able to park outside an address based on the house type, road markings and historic parking data.