Make your field sales team happier, more efficient, and sell more.

Optimising call routes to reduce mileage and maximise calls per day

CallSmart removes the guesswork, automatically producing the most efficient call sequence for each working day. The software achieves this using a matrix of drive times to and from every visit. This enables it to make the most efficient choice of when to plan each call.

Many organisations are seeing the benefits of CallSmart with a 20% average reduction in drive time resulting in fewer miles travelled, an increase in call coverage, reduction in CO2 emissions and 70% less time spent call planning. Optimising ensures your field sales team spend more time doing what they do best – selling’.


  • Removes the need for people to plan their own routes.
  • Optimisation minimises driving to maximise daily call rates.
  • Ensures your target call rates are met consistently across all people, and gives you the confidence to know that they are achievable.
  • Ensure that your team has a fair work-life balance.


  • Create daily routes for your field team.
  • Estimate mileage for business planning.
  • Sense check the workloads of your team, and be confident that your objectives can be met.
  • Understand the commuting that each person is undertaking.
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