Logistics & Route Optimisation

With the high cost of logistics, it’s never been more important to operate efficiently to meet the explosion in demand from consumers and businesses for rapid, direct and same day delivery services. We can help you model, plan and manage a profitable and effective network.

Retail, e-commerce and hybrid supply networks need to be responsive, adaptable and efficient to meet growing and changing customer demand in the post-2020 world. For in-house and third-party logistics operators, analytics and data hold the key to managing capacity, shaping distribution networks and controlling costs while meeting rising customer expectations for convenience and speed of delivery.

CACI’s logistics data experts have the experience and solutions to help you drive efficiencies out of everyday operations and plan profitable future growth and services. We work with fleets and distribution networks of all types and sizes to innovate, manage and outperform.

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Knowledge, tools and data for every journey

We can help you find better ways to deliver market-leading logistics. From saving money to efficiency improvements, control and agility, we can help you plan with confidence and maintain control over the most complex operation.

Work with us to discover the evidence and insight you need when you’re considering how to develop and sustain your business. Our expertise in logistics data science shows you how to prioritise investment in new vehicles, distribution points and technologies and size the opportunity if you’re taking on new customers, merging operations or expanding your reach and proposition.

Efficient, competitive and agile logistics

At CACI, we help you optimise the many complex factors that contribute to a successful logistics and routing operation. We put you in control of your fleet and network, so you can adapt and grow in a fast-changing market.

Use our expertise for the biggest strategic decisions about business expansion and diversification through to the nitty gritty of getting goods and people to the right destinations on time. Uncover opportunities to reduce costs and improve effectiveness and service levels.

From the first to the last mile and metre, CACI’s data, insight and solutions make your logistics work better, faster and more efficiently. Our tools are designed to make routing, territory planning and network optimisation clear and controllable. Our data insight and solutions are here to help you drive a successful logistics operation through the challenges of a fast-changing market.


Route Optimisation

Find the most efficient routes for your fleet to cut fuel costs and emissions and improve service.

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Logistics Consulting

We can help with efficient logistics planning and management for today’s operating environment.

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Road Network and Address Solutions

Precise address and routing data and tools for profitable, efficient and competitive deliveries.

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Live Route Management

Live route execution tools for clear, real-time visibility of vehicles and goods in a dashboard.

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Home Delivery

Deliver market-leading service levels and efficiency in a profitable and well managed operation.

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