Home Delivery

Consumer demand for home delivery has sky-rocketed. Expectations are high, set by digital-first big names like Amazon. Plan efficiently, communicate effectively and control costs in your organisation with the support of CACI home delivery solutions, so you can deliver market-leading service levels in a profitable and well managed logistics operation.

Delivering to consumers’ home addresses is a complex operation to manage successfully. You need the best data, tools and processes to make it all run smoothly, avoiding costly errors and delays. There are so many variables, from traffic conditions and parking availability to the precise location of a customer’s front door. These days it’s not just the final mile, it’s the final metre that makes all the difference in efficiency and profit as well as customer satisfaction.

Data is your secret weapon for optimal home delivery

To plan your routes and get to the right doorsteps, you need good quality customer address data. Up-to-date road mapping data helps your drivers take the shortest and most time efficient routes. For accuracy beyond a postcode, premise-level geocoding will get you directly to the doorstep, minimising wasted time looking for the address in a surrounding area. We can help you validate and cleanse address data, provide best-in-class route maps and pinpoint the doorsteps your drivers need to reach. Getting it right cuts wasted time and frustration out of every journey.

Market-leading delivery optimisation and mapping tools

Market-leading tools and data designed for home delivery efficiency support your planning, monitoring and responsiveness.

  • Route optimisation software
  • Live route execution software
  • Address cleansing and validation
  • Address Analytix advanced address data
  • Drivetimes road speed information

For a strong customer experience, you need to keep track of every delivery and keep customers informed about when it’s coming. Our route execution software gives you all the live information you need. Analysing your delivery performance and using advanced address attributes helps you predict the time drivers will need to spend at each address: you can build a realistic schedule for day’s drops, rather than using inefficient average times. It all adds up to a more cost-effective and streamlined operation that improves both customer and driver satisfaction.


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