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Sales & Performance Forecasting

Sales & Performance Forecasting CACI

Understand existing or potential tenant performance, rental affordability and potential rental returns

Why do it?

  • Understand how existing or prospective tenants may perform at your assets.
  • Identify what your rental income may look like.
  • Understand how affordable the location is for the tenant.
  • Identify how much tenant’s stores are contributing to their online sales and how this can be reconciled to reflect the true value of the store.

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CACI can predict unit level turnover using our bespoke model that comprises a transparent scoring system to predict the turnover of existing or prospective tenants within a centre.

For an individual unit, the average brand density is identified and then adjusted up or down depending on whether the unit size and whether it is smaller or larger than the brand average.

This centre-specific density is then flexed depending on the micro-locational variables such as aesthetics, pitch and adjacencies, and by macro-locational variables such as centre size, demographic appropriateness and competition in nearby centres.

All the variables flex the density to identify the turnover that the unit is set to achieve excluding personnel and stock control influences.



  • Predicting the turnover potential of a centre is a core strength of CACI.
  • Our top down approach uses Retail Footprint, CACI’s catchment model, to understand the spend potential within a catchment and calculate the potential turnover of a centre.
  • CACI are also able to predict unit level turnover using our proprietary turnover model. This bespoke approach uses a transparent scoring system that takes account of both macro factors, such as centre size, demographic appropriateness and competitions, as well as centre-specific micro-locational factors, such as aesthetics, pitch and adjacencies, to generate accurate turnover predictions.
  • We are also able to provide an understanding of rental affordability to help you understand potential rental income from a tenant/centre.
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