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CACI’s leading Retail Centre Catchment Model

Retail Footprint is a gravity model which defines the catchments of some 5,000 comparison retail centres in Great Britain and Ireland. Each centre is uniquely assessed by combining all the factors that affect performance, including the quality and quantity of retail provision, centre function and level of competition. The use of extensive credit and debit card data from a leading bank and extensive face-to-face research gives a unique perspective on the shopping patterns of consumers rather than relying on self-completion surveys.

The retail provision in each centre is broken down into premium, mass and value. This allows each centre to be scored relative to one another on the basis of both the quality and quantity of provision. The Retail Footprint database summarises all this information as well as the potential expenditure for each centre giving users unparalleled access to robust and detailed retail centre information.


Retail Footprint Product Sheet

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  • Calibrated against real life credit and debit card data to accurately represent true spending habits and customer habits
  • Enables understanding of the size of catchments to provide detail on who shops where, and how much spend flows through that centre
  • Data led impartial evidence to support retail strategy
  • Understand the impact of online, worker and tourist spend on retail centres you’re in
  • Provides validation and confidence in business decisions


Retail Footprint


  • Develop detailed estate strategies

- Expansion Plans
- Optimisation Plans
- Right-sizing Estates 

  • Understand the size of opportunity in any retail centre across the UK
  • Ensure accurate and realistic flow of consumers and expenditure
  • Support site feasibility assessments
  • Enable brands to align themselves to the right centres to maximise profits
  • Provides evidence to back up decisions made on your estates

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Retail Footprint - Retail Centre Catchment Model

Retail Footprint is an accurate retail centre catchment model that represents the dynamic flows and interactions of the UK’s retail landscape.