Retail Footprint Europe

Retail Footprint Europe defines retail catchments and provides valuable insights for shopping destinations across Europe

Retail Footprint Europe is a spatial interaction model that defines catchments for shopping destinations selling comparison goods, calculates comparison expenditure and shopper populations at these destinations and generates valuable insights to help you understand the quality of retail provision, the size and extent of the consumer catchment, and demographic composition. 

It supports operators of every size and type, from large multi-national organisations to family-run companies, empowering them to make accurate, data-driven decisions about existing and proposed locations. 

With detailed coverage of over 70,000 destinations across 41 European countries in a consistent way, Retail Footprint Europe addresses cross-border retail strategies, so you can quickly identify and benchmark locations similar to your best-performing locations. 

With CACI’s wealth of big data sources and unrivalled insight into each destination, we can describe what, who, where, when and why people interact with space.