Circle Case study

Enabling Advantage Smollan to efficiently deploy field force and deliver industry leading ROI

Providing consistent salesforce solutions for a global group


  • Field force solution that enables consistency across global markets
  • Helping deliver industry leading ROI
  • Frequent updates of the call-file is key
  • Important part of the tech environment helping to deliver up-to 98% promotional compliance
  • Consistent coverage of all geographies enabling multi-market projects

About Advantage Smollan

Advantage Smollan helps brands and retailers win at the point of purchase. It is a global provider of outsourced sales and marketing solutions for retailers and consumer goods companies.

The challenge: Create technology support for the core service, which is consistent across markets

Whilst Advantage Smollan was seeing great success with its owned Europe-wide model, many of these companies had brought their own ways of working and legacy technology with them when acquired by the group.

They needed consistency in what they were delivering and measuring across the group, to best leverage the geographical footprint.

The solution: Instrumental part of the technology stack for improving ROI

Working with the Advantage Smollan team, CACI implemented its InSite FieldForce and CallSmart solutions to help optimise sales territories and staffing resources.

The team needed to know when and how to visit stores, plus react quickly to the latest data. CACI processed the data to ensure sales calls were updated overnight and that routes were optimised dynamically, to make sure the Advantage Smollan team were able to visit the stores that had the highest sales potential.

The results: Maximizing promotional compliance

CACI have been able to help Advantage Smollan achieve their ROI targets regularly, enabling the team to do business with customers based on performance and winning business by proving that they can identify the single most efficient way to deploy field force.

Tic Nica, Advantage Smollan’s Head of Customer Technology Europe, commented: “Our use of CACI tools is critical. You can’t do this type of work in a competitive market anywhere in Western Europe without having a tool like this. You are not going to be efficient.”

The benefits: Rollout across European markets

Advantage Smollan is so pleased with CACI’s solutions that it has introduced us to its international partners.

There is a hope to expand the use of CACI solutions across all of the European companies by the end of next year, migrating all markets to the same field sales approach.

By enabling consistency across their global markets, Advantage Smollan can use group-wide KPIs and create benchmarks, which will help them focus on the stores they need to.

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