Address Spine

Gain a better understanding of the homes your customers live in

CACI has brought together a number of public and private address level datasets to create a single factual view of the UK property market.  The CACI Address Spine contains data on all residential properties in the UK, providing a solid foundation for you to understand more about the homes your customers live in and areas of potential for your products and services.

This property level information combined with CACI’s wealth of demographic and lifestyle data about consumers, provides valuable insight to help with your marketing campaigns or planning activity.

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What is Address Spine?

Address Spine is made up of key property level variables linked to an address or UDPRN that come from a range of sources, combined and deduplicated by CACI’s team of data scientists to create a single core residential property file.

Information on the file includes items such as property type, number of rooms, tenure, house price, energy consumption, geo-location, planning permission data and many more.

In addition to the ‘real’ data, CACI have imputed variables such as the type of property or current house price value from known data on the same street or in the same area to increase the volume of data available.

The variables can be provided either as a selection for a particular area or can be coded against your address data or customer records. Additionally, users of CACI’s real-time API can purchase property level data for instant decisioning.