Spend Dimensions

Understand consumer spend by destination and category

What is Spend Dimensions?

Spend Dimensions uses Transactional Spend Data to understand the spending behaviour of customers in over 230 retail destinations across the UK, from regional malls and city centres through to local high streets.

Covering an average of 92 million transactions and £3bn in sales, the data retrieved from Spend Dimensions allows CACI to benchmark all spend at an asset level, providing a detailed outlook of the wider market. The spend metrics taken from the dashboard can be disaggregated by UK region, and individual asset class at a monthly level.

Spend Dimensions data tracks:

  • The average transactional value spilt by demographic and product category
  • The distribution of spend within each of your locations and asset class
  • The distribution of sales in each product category across the last five quarters
  • The online share of spend in each product category


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How can Spend Dimensions help businesses plan around behavioural changes in consumers?

The data within Spend Dimensions supports businesses with critical decisions, that effect their responsiveness to consumer changes. The data can be deciphered to measure and track market share, understand competitor performance, evaluate market size opportunities, assess new consumer opportunities and prioritise location expansion.