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Supply Chain Planning, Modelling and Analysis

Optisite® is a strategic distribution planning and site location modelling solution designed to help you analyse and manage your supply chain more effectively and increase profitability. Optisite® can suggest the optimum number and location of distribution centres, as well as the best use of your current facilities. Determine the best possible locations for new warehouses to minimise costs and improve customer service levels. Locations can be selected from a predetermined list or the system can determine the best possible location on its own.

Use Optisite® to configure your current network of product sources, warehouses and demand points to make the most efficient network based on your demand, service requirements, costs and location.

Carry out cost sensitivity analysis to see the percentage increase or decrease in total cost when a site is moved in any direction away from its current location.

Model “what if” questions to regularly consider alternative distribution strategies to improve performance.

Analyse and evaluate the effect of Mergers & Acquisitions (M&As), business expansion or contraction.

Optisite® can be set up and running in hours. With inbuilt global geocoding functionality and high quality maps, only a minimum of data collection and preparation is required. You can immediately see your results displayed in colourful maps and comprehensive management reporting.

Optisite® can select existing or new potential distribution centres on its own, or can consider the sites you give it, or any combination of the two in determining what’s best for your operation.

Use Optisite® to suggest the optimum number and location of distribution centres, the best use of your current facilities, where to stock products and what distribution centres to use.

Optimise the efficiency of your supply chain network Identify the best possible depot locations for your operation Increase profitability by considering alternative distribution planning strategies


Our Clients

Designed For

  • Distribution specialists
  • Supply chain professionals
  • Management consultants
  • Strategic decision makers
  • Logistics analysts

Who Uses Optisite?

  • Online grocery shopping
  • Food and beverage production
  • Manufacturing
  • Convenience retailing
  • FMCG wholesale distribution
  • Mail and parcels
  • Automotive parts distribution
  • Transportation, warehousing and logistics services

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Supply Chain Planning, Modelling and Analysis