InSite Field Force

InSite Field Force is a territory optimisation tool that will reduce driving and planning time, and turn it into more calls and more sales.

Ensuring Field Sales Teams Have a Balanced and Drivetime Efficient Territory

Using manual methods, or standard mapping software, to plan territories is fraught with danger, mainly because it is subjective and time consuming. This often leads to your field personnel spending 32% of their time in the car, not in front of the customer. The end result is lower sales and higher costs.

InSite Field Force incorporates an automatic territory optimiser, which creates an optimum territory structure in a fraction of the time taken to do the task manually.


  • Tried and tested by 8 of the 10 biggest global CPG companies.
  • Enables understanding of the most efficient deployment of a field based team.
  • Identify the best recruitment locations to plug gaps in your network of people.
  • Be confident that you have the right size team to achieve your goals, and see the best way to increase the size of your team, or downsize.
  • Leverage travel time data and optimisation algorithms to provide validation and confidence in business decisions.


  • Understand the current deployment of your team and see where the inefficiencies are.
  • Determine the optimal headcount, or how to get the most out of the headcount you have.
  • Optimise workload balanced territories where everyone has a fair share of the work.
  • Refine the shapes of territories and get instant feedback on your decisions.
  • Compare different scenarios to determine the best direction for your business to take.
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