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Acorn provides a detailed understanding of the consumer characteristics of people and places across the UK.

Acorn Family

Find the vast array of Acorn solutions used to understand consumers' lifestyle, behaviour and attitudes and manage the needs of communities.


Address Management software that maximises the impact of your DM campaign.

AssetPlus Consultancy & Support

Transforming outcomes in youth justice

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CACI Forecaster

A demand forecasting desktop app using the latest techniques in machine learning


Achieve more calls a day from your field team... In just a few minutes.

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Channel Impact

Understanding consumer changes in channel behaviour.

Children's Centre Manager
Children's Centre Manager

A complete view of every pre-school child and their family.


ChildView gives Youth Justice specialists with the means to easily access data, share it efficiently across multi-agency services and create the opportunities to make a real difference

Convenience Clusters

Convenience Clusters pinpoints more than 31,000 convenience service locations across the UK


The digital solution for resource scheduling, casework and financial management.

CACI dataAce product logo ace card

Used for cleaning, suppressing and appending data.

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Email Studio

CACI’s award-winning email template builder

Email Studio for Adobe Campaign Classic

Creating and delivering personalised emails has never been so simple.

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Real life insight into finance consumer segmentation

Hub Integrator
Hub Data Integrator

A sophisticated data matching application.


IMPULSE our modular database application for Education Services teams


InSite helps you target the right customers in the right locations to maximise potential and minimise risk.


InSite Field Force is a territory optimisation tool that will mean less driving, more calls and less planning time.

InView Express - Data Warehouse and analytics for the NHS

An enterprise grade NHS data warehouse and analytics solution.

Longevity Acorn

Delivering higher performance for longevity prediction

Accelerate time to market and reduce churn with Managed Mobility.
Managed Mobility

Accelerate time to market and reduce churn with Managed Mobility.


Providing lifestyle & demographic insight into your customers & prospects

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Online Audiences

Increase the effectiveness of your digital advertising with CACI’s Online Audiences.


Consistent and reliable gross household income estimates at full postcode level across the UK

Paycheck Disposable Income
Paycheck Disposable Income

Available household income after essential outgoings.


ProVision defines the relative potential, catchments and market shares for all supermarkets over 3,000 square feet


Real-Time Asset Data Attribution for Rail

An enterprise grade NHS data warehouse and analytics solution.
Real Time Airport

Gain more capacity in a constrained environment and maintain performance.

Real Time Data Coding API

Access real-time insight from thousands of variables to improve business decision-making

Retail Catchments

Helping you understand the retail landscape.


Retail Footprint is an accurate retail centre catchment model that represents the dynamic flows and interactions of the UK’s retail landscape.

SAP BusinessObjects Edge
SAP BusinessObjects Edge

Advanced web analytics and management reporting.

Shopper Dimensions

Shopper Dimensions provides a comprehensive understanding of shoppers, what motivates them and what drives engagement

Synergy Costing

A patient costing system used to deliver full service line management.