Network Automation and NetDevOps

Helping you achieve network automation with the help of NetDevOps experts.

CACI’s expert team has over two decades of experience working across a variety of IT network, enterprise, service provider, data centre, cloud, and platform environments. They act as trusted advisors to key clients in the financial services, media, telecommunications, utilities, and public sector spaces.

Automation is hard… but it doesn’t have to be

NetDevOps? Platform? DevOps? CI/CD? IaC? Day 2 Operations? YAML? YANG? GitOps?  

You may feel like you’re drowning in your network rather than aautomating it. We know the feeling. Applications and developers expect more performance, uptime, observability and configurability from their networks than ever before as the shift towards DevOps culture displaces the static behemoth of network infrastructure. That’s why we’d love to help you expedite your journey. 

NetDevOps builds on the automation aspect of network automation. Our offerings of consulting and engineering in this area can take you from simple automated configuration templating all the way through to observability through platform engineering and everything in between with our network automation capabilities: 

  • Network Source of Truth 
  • CI/CD pipeline 
  • Version control 
  • Operational state verification 
  • Self-documenting code 
  • Network coding 
  • Infrastructure as Code (IaC) 
  • Infrastructure orchestration 
  • Configuration templating 
  • Observability 
  • Vendor Application Programming Interface (API). 

Getting you to NetDevOps

Without context of your business and industry, all of these are meaningless buzzwords, which is where our heritage in network engineering gives us the unfair advantage. We can guide you through the obstacles in getting from tactical network automation such as scripting to strategic NetDevOps such as self-service network provisioning. 

Technologies and techniques such as CI/CD, IaC, NSoT, Git, Python, Go, YAML, YANG and APIs aren’t the real destination here, getting your network into a pipeline workflow which can go from coding to observability are. We operate across the spectrum of a typical network-centric CI/CD pipeline: 


  • Use a version control system and best practice from software development for network changes 
  • Write network tests together with the network changes


  • Run the automation stack to generate network configuration 
  • Automate generation of network documentation 


  • Use configuration analysis or network modelling tools 
  • Test network changes against a digital twin (sandbox) 
  • Test the network for expected states 


  • Network changes are ready to be deployed by the automation stack 
  • Deployment can be fully automated or require human intervention before “push” (merge PR, pull request) 


  • Test the production network for expected states 
  • Monitor production network metrics 
Network Automation

Benefits of our network automation services

Using our deep industry and technical knowledge, in combination with our NetDevOps expertise above, CACI’s network automation services help get your network on track to streamlined, agile delivery enabling your digital transformation goals and building your DevOps culture internally. 

A few of the many benefits of CACI’s network automation services include:


Automating network provisioning and troubleshooting:

  • Eliminating manual network provisioning and troubleshooting tasks.
  • Expediting network troubleshooting through assisted alarm and event correlation.

Enhancing network understanding and management:

  • Codifying an understanding of the network topology in a structured data format.
  • Integrating network provisioning workflows into IT Service Management (ITSM) tooling.

Improving efficiency and cost-effectiveness:

  • Reducing the risk of network deployment mistakes and rework.
  • Minimising cost through modularisation of network configuration approach.

Optimising resource utilisation and talent management:

  • Increasing ROI through reuse of codified “Network Functions as Code”.
  • Retaining in-demand network engineering talent through use of modern network deployment working practices.
Network Automation


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