IT Solution Architecture & Design

Intricate IT solutions and architecture tailored to your needs.

Your business deserves to operate at its full potential with the very best IT solutions and architecture at its core.

This begins with an intricate process of conceptual design carried out by qualified consultants who have the vision and experience to deliver you the very best. Our IT solutions and architecture service includes an in-depth assessment of your company’s needs to ensure we provide a solution that’s fully tailored to you.

CACI Network Services expert designers and engineers then begin formulating a framework for your IT architecture, taking into account any existing software, hardware, and integration issues.

IT Solutions Architecture & Design Datasheet.
IT Solutions Architecture & Design Datasheet.
IT Solutions Architecture & Design Datasheet.

Expertise in a full range of IT solutions and architecture activities

All of our highly skilled systems engineers and technicians hold the latest industry qualifications and follow best practices including TM Forum Frameworx (TAM, eTOM, SID) and Open Digital Architecture. We’re also vendor-neutral, which allows us to focus on your needs rather than those of suppliers.

We provide you with the highest calibre of professionals who are experienced in business analysis, business process analysis, and data architecture, as well as solution architecture and design. They will expertly design and instal new systems, hardware and software, and configure and maintain all network equipment and devices down to the very last cable.

Our comprehensive, independent approach ensures that:

  • You receive end-to-end services from design and deployment to ongoing support
  • We can work with all types of software and IT infrastructures
  • You can increase operational efficiencies and deployment speeds—while reducing ongoing costs
  • Your people, processes, and systems work together to meet your business objectives
  • You receive continuous and unbroken support throughout the entire process

Optimised returns and reduced downtime

CACI’s proven and acclaimed IT solutions and architecture service maximises and expands upon your IT investments by integrating the newest products on the market and preparing your firm for the latest industry developments. With a solid IT infrastructure in place, you can confidently run your day-to-day operations, projects, and plans with optimised returns and reduced downtime.


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