Managed Network Services

Your critical network operation in the hands of network engineering experts.

CACI’s expert team is a trusted advisor with over 20 years experience across a variety of network environments from data centre and enterprise to campus, service provider and into cloud. We have an innate track record of architecting, designing, deploying and operating some of the UK’s largest and most critical network infrastructures.

Functions of our managed network experts 

Our UK NOC (Network Operations Centre) provides multi-vendor network engineering experts across all layers of the modern network stack, from Ethernet, through IP, MPLS, VXLAN, Load Balancers, NGFW firewalls and beyond, giving you time back to focus on your core business activities.

We adopt and adapt IT Service Management (ITSM) best practices described by ITIL, providing a managed network service that can flex around your requirements in relation to 24/7 network operations and maintenance process and technical capabilities, including: 

  • Change management  
  • Configuration management (including backup) 
  • Customer interface 
  • Incident and problem management 
  • Infrastructure lifecycle management including patch management 
  • Second line support 
  • Service Asset and Configuration Management (SACM) 
  • Supplier partner interface (e.g. TAC and RMA) 
  • Third line support. 

Based in Richmond and managed by a service delivery manager, our team of network professionals monitor, manage, operate, maintain and optimise network infrastructure for our financial, government and insurance sector clients. 

Managed network services tailored for bespoke security requirements

Our Managed Network Service (MNS) can support regulatory and compliance requirements as found with our public and government sector clients. CACI offers dedicated, on-site network operations and maintenance capabilities at customer facilities or locations to meet specific security needs. 

Our rich and broad knowledge in a variety of network security technologies and vendors, from SASE, SSE, and ZTNA (Zero Trust) to SD-WAN, NGFW, IPS, IDS, and beyond. In conjunction with our strong internal collaboration, this means learnings from our project network engineering endeavours benefit MNS customer bases.

Service capabilities adaptable to you 

Our Network Operations Centre (NOC) can provide you with configurable and optional features to operate and maintain your network estate. A small section of these include: 

Fault management 

  • Management of network, IT infrastructure, O&M application alarms and events which could affect the quality your network and services 

Configuration management 

  • Managing all configurable network components, ensuring that accurate and reliable information about the configuration of services and their associated Configuration Items (CIs) are available to support the operation of the network 

Performance management 

  • Assuring the network provides maximum ROI and availability for application traffic concerns, preventing network bottlenecks and remediating network-level issues from becoming application-level concerns 

Security management 

  • Ensuring your network is proactively monitored, patched, updated and operated, adopting best practices to prevent unauthorised access from hackers, users and malicious intent such as sabotage and espionage 

Capacity management 

  • Providing detailed network and infrastructure capacity breakdowns and reporting to enable your network to scale to the ever-changing needs of the IT application landscape by meeting forecasted usage trends before they impact the network 

Access management 

  • Enforcing role based access control (RBAC)adopting best practices and industry-relevant regulations to ensure access to administrate and operate your Network 

License management 

  • Managing the burden of ever-changing, complex vendor licensing regimes, license audits, licensing server integration and more to ensure compliance of your network against your EULA and legal agreements.  
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