Circle Case study

Modernising data infrastructure & OSS to enhance customer engagement in transport

Helping our client provide the transport industry with national telecommunications capability.


Our client provides the transport industry and third-party partners with national telecommunications capability. Their long-term IT strategy includes efficient access to robust, secure and scalable data centre facilities (DCF), with architecture to support hybrid cloud services. This infrastructure modernisation aims to help them deliver the reliable network services their stakeholders require. 


  • Ensuring security measures did not adversely affect the performance of customers. The old tactical solution had been open access, whereas the new strategy required all communications to be secured by a Firewall. 


The strategic update of architecture and systems on this scale is a complex and long-term programme. CACI Network Services worked with the client on several stages: 

  • Building strategic data centre facilities (DCF) using a new technology stack 
  • Remediated and optimised existing critical data platforms (CDP) for minimal cost to support crucial workloads while the DCF was set up 
  • Migrated operational support systems (OSS) from the CDP in the legacy IP network to a strategic location in the DCF. There was an added complication that some OSS would be live during migration. 

Our consultants are highly experienced and have certification and accreditation from key technology services partners such as AWS, VMware, Cisco, and Microsoft. 

We set out to ensure the solution would be effective and compliant by designing a hybrid solution with the help of our network, cloud, server, storage, virtualisation and IT infrastructure architects, with applications hosted according to importance: 

  • On-premise for critical applications 
  • Public cloud platform for less business-critical applications 

This enables technologies to be run through a thorough assurance process for compliance. Initially set up with a team of four network service experts, it has the flexibility to adapt to support an expanded programme in the future. Our team set up structures for rigorous testing to ensure the new technology would function as required and comply with the relevant regulations and requirements. 

We also developed a customised platform for project management and testing to deliver pragmatic, innovative and cost-saving solutions with an excellent track record within the marketplace. 

To help drive better experiences for their people and customers through more effective use of technology and process, our team also leveraged our long-term partner relationships with key organisations in the technology services sector. Working closely with internal client teams, we were also able to ensure their operational challenges were fully understood, gain work approvals for individual components of the migration strategy and provide on-site support before, during and post-migration. 


With support from CACI Network Services, our client achieved: 

  • Our team of experts produced a strict plan for the migration of OSS, ensuring the actual migration event was swift. In the end, it took less than a day, resulting in a significant reduction in operational impact and any inconvenience for the client’s customers. 
  • The migration programme’s high degree of efficiency saved the client tens of thousands in development costs and allowed the client to restore services over two months ahead of schedule. 
  • Lastly, the client was able to provide their customers with more enhanced and secure services which led to increased customer satisfaction and engagement. 


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