Data Management & Integration Solutions

The consumer market can be turbulent, with fast-evolving digital capabilities and vast amounts of data. You need someone on your side who can take on challenges of complex data and systems, and build systems which will enable your marketing ambitions.

You have a world of data at your fingertips, but without expertise to create a unique, tailored solution for your business, you can’t harness its potential and fuel customer growth. Let us find you a solution that is as unique as your business. Whether your perfect fit is an SCV, CDP or a data lake, we can integrate all the tech you need for centralised, agile data that can keep pace with demand and innovation.

Data management solutions

Brands have more data now than ever before, but that doesn’t equate to more value. Without the right people and technology to unify, interpret and leverage your data, how can you make it work for your business? Let our team of specialists help, with bespoke solutions to your business’ individual challenges. Whether you need to reconcile multiple digital and non-digital identifiers or structure your data for campaigning whilst maintaining data integrity, we’ll make sure you’re getting the most out of your data.

The power of a single customer view

Your customers want to be treated as individuals – no-one wants to feel like a data point. With today’s sophisticated data management and campaign delivery technology, this can be a reality. But these systems are only as good as the data they feed on. We’ll build and connect the SCV you need to anchor your customer marketing, with accurate, real-time information from multiple sources that makes the customer feel you’re communicating with them as a person, by bringing together:

  • Demographics
  • Digital and offline Behavioural data
  • Transactional data
  • Permissions and suppressions

In the confusing world of CDP’s, campaign management solutions and orchestration engines, capabilities overlap. When you have multiple data sources or a mixture of online and offline data, an SCV can provide a core capability. Providing clean, accurate data so your Martech applications work to their full potential, all in one persistent data platform. You can rely on us to build solutions designed to tackle multi-channels and group level permissions that meet GDPR standards.

Implementation and integration

Identity Resolution

Your customer is an individual, and as a business it helps to know them inside out. Identity resolution can help by matching identities across different touchpoints to create unified, individual customer profiles. With the advent of GDPR identity resolution has never been more important in helping manage data preferences robustly across channels and media, to ensure you are complying with data protection laws and are listening to the needs of your customers.

Identity resolution faces ever-evolving challenges which stand in the way of getting the best value and differentiation from your digital marketing campaign tools and technology. CACI’s ResolvID identity resolution solution has pioneered innovative ways to consolidate customer data. A real time API-driven product, ResolvID learns as it resolves a wide range of different data sets. It can also address digital applications where there may be no first party identifiers, instead using IP addresses and device IDs, helping you leverage data whilst adhering to the law.

Integration and implementation services

When you’re implementing multichannel marketing solutions you need someone with a proven track record. With strong partnerships across leading vendors including Adobe, SalesForce, Braze and Exponea and vast experience in implementation of platforms and integrating it with the rest of your technology eco-system, ensures hiccup-free migration. With CACI as your partner you can depend on our support beyond initial software implementation, and with a bespoke solution designed to support your campaigning needs through automating and structuring data feeds, you can guarantee the platform is tuned to your specific campaigns from day one.


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