Circle Case study

Enabling Legal and General to become data led, technology enabled and customer experience-focused

Data and Technology Strategy for Customer Experience Transformation

Legal & General is the UK’s largest provider of individual life assurance products and a top 20 global asset manager. Founded nearly 200 years ago, today the company aims to improve the lives of customers, build a better society for the long term and create value for shareholders through inclusive capitalism.

Data-led, technology enabled, and customer experience focused

James O’Keefe, Commercial Director and Transformation Lead, explains:

Legal & General had set out a clear strategy to drive growth in our direct sales business by being a data led, technology enabled and customer experience-focused digital business. It sounds a simple approach, but we had unique challenges to tackle in our disparate legacy systems and data. The post-GDPR landscape is a critical context too: like all responsible organisations, we’re committed to being compliant, but we’re also looking ahead to the future of global digital privacy.

Relevant and Useful Customer Journeys

James says “We needed a foundation of lawful and accessible first-party data that we could enrich with third-party data to provide meaningful customer insight at a sub-segment and attribute level. This would inform and enable customer and prospect engagement.”

Legal & General had already selected Adobe Campaign Standard for marketing campaign execution. James explains: “In any transformation programme, it’s worth looking for quick ways to deliver value early on, to prove the ROI and demonstrate results. We had a gap in our tech stack that Adobe Campaign filled. CACI worked with us to join data sources, create clean and enriched datasets and to launch the platform. It was an important proof point that delivered good campaign results, gaining buy in and further commitment from stakeholders as well as investment from sponsors.”

With the CACI Demographic Data API, Legal & General is getting even more value from their Acorn and Ocean datasets and CACI-built custom segmentation.

Using this real-time connection, CACI provides Legal & General with Ocean characteristics in real time, such as wealth, age and attitudes, to match with prospects and customers in a privacy safe and compliant manner. This means they can be assigned a best-fit persona and served the most relevant and useful customer journey immediately. It also informs and refreshes Legal & General’s models, for personalised customer experiences.

Leaving behind a one-size-fits all approach, for a segmented and customised conversion journey

CACI’s Ocean consumer data enriches Legal & General’s first-party data, giving a clearer picture of preferences, behaviours and motivations. The team can prioritise marketing spending and campaigns to make the biggest business impact. Legal & General customers and prospects now receive marketing communications that feel relevant to their life stage and priorities.

James says: The results are excellent. We have market-leading campaign deliverability rates. Compared to our legacy system, we have doubled open rates, trebled click-through rates and greatly improved the open-to-sale ratio. The big difference is that we’ve left behind our previous one-size-fits-all approach, replacing it with a far more segmented and customised conversion journey. We have multiple representations of customers and we’re able to optimise continually by balancing the commercial benefits against the cost and complexity of running more campaigns. We have transparency so we can see exactly what drives value. We can understand precisely how we’re influencing customer outcomes and adjust the approach to meet our business goals.

It’s testament to CACI’s breadth of skills that we were able to look to you for guidance and support in every aspect of the customer experience strategy and deployment. I call it your ‘bench strength’ – CACI’s consistent knowledge and capability across the board. There’s great account leadership: when we need to be connected to expertise in different parts of CACI you get us in front of the right person.

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