Identity Resolution for improved marketing and customer experience

CACI is a frontrunner in identity resolution and has pioneered innovative ways to consolidate customer data since the issue first arose.

We started with matching services, which resolved identities primarily using name, surname, and address. Today, we have built far beyond that expertise to create ResolvID, a real time API-driven identity resolution services that learns as it resolves a wide-range of different data sets. It is a data agnostic identity resolution platform meaning that it can use any potentially identifiable data, for example Device IDs, IP addresses or Visitor IDs. ResolvID’s matching algorithm can make the most out of whatever data you have available.

ResolvID brings together data from multiple sources and automatically standardises, validates and cleanses it. ResolvID provides the consistent, unified customer data you need to deliver successful personalisation and differentiated customer experiences, for revenue and customer growth.


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An Introduction to Identity Resolution

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Compatible with a wide-range of applications

ResolvID can integrate with your existing IT and marketing systems regardless of whether they’re hosted or cloud based. Data integration is available as batch or real-time uploads via a variety of common and secure methods.

ResolvID uses an easy to integrate Restful API, meaning that it can integrate with any platform. Additionally, we have created an automated process using SFTP, if an API integration isn’t right for you. ResolvID is currently used by a number of clients using a range of platforms and systems, including AWS, Azure, Snowflake, Adobe, Braze, Google Cloud Platform, and major CDP providers such as Tealium and Segment.







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