Data Integration

As organisations adapt to the digital age, easy access to accurate, real-time data at the point of need becomes critical for businesses to improve service delivery and anticipate customer demands.

Whether your data is held in the cloud or on-premise, or a combination of both, integrating your data will help you meet the information and insight needs of your applications and processes business wide. Through a single, unified view of data across the organisation, people are empowered to do more with data and maximise the use of analytics for insightful decision making.

Why data integration is important?

Data Integration combines data from disparate sources into a single unified view, enabling the generation of business intelligence and allowing your analytics tools to produce actionable insights.

Ingestion of data will include approaches such as ETL (extract, transform, load), data mapping and cleansing. These integration processes mean businesses can consolidate data from multiple sources and transform them into meaningful information.

How can data integration benefit you?

  • Data Availability: Search, manage and analyse data easily through a single platform
  • Data Complexity: Connect your applications, data sources and systems through a unified and standardised solution
  • Collaboration: Streamline and share data easily and efficiently across teams and departments
  • Data Integrity: Reduce the risk of issues in your data, inconsistencies and duplications
  • Decision Making: Clarity across your data supports smarter decision making

Our business insights team partner with businesses across the UK to implement data integration that helps bring data together for better results. Read more about how our customers are making organisational improvements through data integration.

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