Marketing Technology, Strategy and Architecture

An ever-growing range of tools, technologies, platforms and data opens up a world of possibilities to engage customers with relevant, personalised communications across multiple channels. With so much choice, it’s hard to know which technology will deliver and whether creating a technology ecosystem will produce an improved ROI.

Marketing technology experts

Have you ever asked yourself:

  • Which platforms do I need considering our current architecture?
  • What capabilities sit where?
  • Which of the latest campaigning tools is right for my business?
  • Does this new tool in the market do campaigning, orchestration and analytics and to what degree?

At CACI, we know marketing technology. Our expert team of consultants can help you to make the right choice for your business, your marketing team, and your customers by:

  • Defining your marketing technology and data ecosystem so that you are clear what you are trying to achieve from your mix of marketing technologies
  • Running the vendor selection exercise
  • Assisting with optimisation of your marketing technology to ensure that you are getting the most out of the technology you have invested in

No two companies have identical marketing data and technology need, we’re here to help you understand how best to meet yours.

Perfecting your marketing technology stack

Architecting a future-proof technology eco-system

Are legacy systems, disparate data silo’s or a confusing technology vendor landscape standing in the way of your marketing ambitions? We’ll work in partnership with you to map your technology ecosystem, using your capability requirements to form a phased architecture plan. Working with you to shape your future marketing ambitions, by mapping your tools now and your tools of the future, and designing a future-proof technology architecture that will empower you to create marketing-leading customer experiences and achieve maximum ROI.

Vendor market analysis and selection

With more marketing technology entering the market every day, many with over-lapping capabilities, selecting the right vendor can be challenging. Our approach is rooted in delivering high data volume, complex cases including real-time campaigning and decisioning and in-app personalisation. With specialist knowledge of the vendor landscape, you can entrust us to guide you in selecting tools and platforms that match your needs and budget, helping you fulfil your marketing ambitions now and in the future.


Customer Strategy

Trusted advice to seize opportunities and bridge gaps in your digital customer marketing.

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Campaign Operations

Deliver engaging communications underpinned by seamless campaign migration & optimised operations.

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Creative Services

Innovative meaningful ways to tell brand stories that puts the customer experience first.

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Data Management and Integration Solutions

Meet the challenges of complex data and silo'ed systems head-on with our specialist solutions.

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Managed Services

Harness our deep marketing and technology expertise and innovation to enhance customer experiences.

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With CACI as one of our CRM partners, my team feels supported to deliver the growth demanded by our investors.

Nicola Young, Group Marketing Director, NEC Group

CACI’s consultants were instrumental in configuring Adobe Campaign Standard, helping us assemble and unify the data required.

James O’Keefe, Commercial Director and Transformation Lead, Legal and General

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