Marketing Managed Services

Get the best performance and value from your marketing solutions with our expert managed services. We’re plugged into marketing technology 24/7, so you can benefit from all the latest innovation and best practice.

Our specialists, your team

In the complex and fast-changing world of data, solutions, tools and tech, it makes sense to give the highly specialised task of service management to the specialists.

Make our multi-skilled people part of your team to save resource and deliver consistently high-performing digital campaigns. From skilled account managers, marketing and database specialists to SCV optimisers, data planners, performance analysts and campaign managers, our team are ready to step in and deliver. Whatever your requirements, be it day-to-day management and operations or on-demand flexibility for a specific project, we work for you.

Managing your campaigns

Entering new markets requires detailed gathering of insight, planning and assessment. To mitigate risks and ensure opportunities are maximised, we partner with organisations to define customer centric strategies and viable roadmaps, to bring your product or service launch to fruition. By providing insight on the market, and working together with brands to define their proposition and messaging, we’ll innovate a robust go-to-market model. Advising on data and technology-based solutions, that can respond fluidly to constantly evolving markets, so you can enter a new market confident of success.

Managing your data and technology eco-system

Keeping in-house IT teams fully trained and up to speed with every emerging digital practice can be costly, and worrying about optimum data processing speeds and ensuring quality control measures are in place are a drain on your energy and resource. Let us manage your data and technology eco-system, so you can concentrate on the crucial strategic and creative work that distinguishes your business and captures customers’ attention. We work proactively to advance systems, ensuring your SCV and other technology systems evolve to meet changing business requirements.

Proactive management and innovation

Better together – that’s our experience. Some of our most successful projects fused together client marketing knowledge and data with our digital and Martech expertise. In a co-managed service, you can expect from us:

  • Flexible access to specialist skills – We flex and scale a team of specialists ensuring you have the right skills supporting you
  • A system that is always forward facing – We proactively advance and upgrade in line with business changes, providing you with competitive advantage
  • Uninterrupted service – As technology grows increasingly complex, let us mitigate challenges to ensure you receive uninterrupted service
  • Compliance focused – We align the processing of your marketing data and delivery of your campaigns with the latest compliance measures, so you can focus on your core business
  • Lower cost – Working with CACI means you can opt for the days of resource you need instead of having to hire an FTE

We needed the confidence that whoever came onboard could run with the project and CACI’s campaign team's experience was perfect.

Ben Gibson, Senior Campaign Delivery Manager

We chose CACI because of their expertise in data and technology and how they can be used to provide a tailored customer experience

Nicola Young, Group Marketing Director, NEC Group

It’s testament to CACI’s breadth of skills that we look to you for guidance in all aspects of the customer experience strategy.

James O’Keefe, Commercial Director and Transformation Lead, Legal and General


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