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How Virgin Media successfully met the new End of Contract Notification Regulation

Enabling Virgin Media to Successfully Meet Ofcom's New End of Contract Notification Regulation

What is EoCN?

The new Ofcom regulation launched 15th February 2020 outlines that customers must be sent an End of Contract Notification 10-40 days before their contract ends. These should include details of the account such as current contract deal and associated offers. The regulation is designed to raise awareness to the customer that they’re out of contract and their price may change.

Our systems didn’t have anything which could produce this, and we hadn’t done this before. We had absolutely nothing in place that could do this, it would be starting from scratch

– Ben Gibson, Senior Campaign Delivery Manager

Creating an End-to-End Solution in Adobe Campaign

Virgin Media requested the support from a dedicated CACI Adobe Campaign Consultant to assist with the creation and the facilitation of the end to end solution. CACI’s Senior Consultant, Fraser Rallison joined the team to support Virgin Media with its EoCN campaign.

Resource and timelines were very very short, and it was a mandatory timeline with a big financial impact if this was missed. We needed someone very good. We needed that confidence that whoever came onboard could run with the project and Fraser’s prior experience was perfect.

– Ben Gibson, Senior Campaign Delivery Manager

Identifying the Most Appropriate Way to Contact Customers

The EoCN approach consisted of passing data through several different data systems. The process began by selecting all eligible customers using Virgin Media’s source billing system. This data is then released to be transformed into a more customer friendly format. Once complete, the customer specific offers are appended, and the data is delivered into Adobe Campaign.

Within Adobe Campaign, 6 individual workflows were created to release over 20 different data files. These workflows ensured that the data coming through was correct and accurate with no missing values which could cause confusion to the customer. The data is also checked to ensure all offers are correct and make sense to the consumer.

Once these steps are complete the data is reviewed to identify the most appropriate way to contact customers. This is identified by reviewing their previous email engagement, quality of email address and whether they require a notification in a special format (such as Audio or Braille).

Once these checks and classifications are complete a bespoke report is built from Adobe and shared with project stakeholders with a request to approve the counts should they match the project plan. Once sign off is agreed the data passes a final two stage quality assurance check before then being released to separate Email and Direct Mail agencies.

A Flexible and Dynamic Approach

The level of granularity within the workflows allowed Virgin Media to better understand the offering provided to customers. The flexible and dynamic approach has also lead to a significant amount of customers communicated to since 15th February 2020 when the regulation came into force. With the support of CACI, Virgin Media have kept within the EoCN regulations and avoid substantial fines.

I seriously don’t think that without CACI and other members of the project team that we would have hit that go live date

– Ben Gibson, Senior Campaign Delivery Manager

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