Customer Demographic Data

With an increasingly expectant consumer, delivering a customer experience that resonates with your audience is essential to acquiring, retaining, and building loyal customers. The secret to delivering a tailored customer experience? Data.

Whether it’s receiving targeted recommendations that make sense, communications that reflect customers’ values or life stage, or providing services through their preferred channels, your customers expect you to know them, understand them, and deliver on their needs as an individual.

With CACI’s suite of demographic data products, you can access valuable customer insight to build data-driven decision-making into your marketing campaigns, product creation and proposition development. Armed with this, you can meet the complex needs of every single customer.

Make your customer knowledge deep and meaningful

Our market-leading demographic data products cover everything you need to know about today’s consumers. From demographics and affluence to income and behavioural data points, we put answers at your fingertips.

Our datasets give you insight for a deeper understanding of your customers than ever before. Whether you want to know what motivates them individually, want to create customer segmentations based on commonalities, or want the lowdown on your customer base in a certain location, we have what you need to truly know your audience.

Data Driven Customer Experience

With our intelligently built demographic data products, you can:

  • Transform your marketing strategy from a generic approach to tailored and personalised communications
  • Develop segmentations to use across multiple departments, giving your teams a universal customer vocabulary and understanding
  • Identify more lookalike prospects based on customer profiles
  • Understand the size of the market for new products and propositions
  • Identify and use customers’ preferred channels for your marketing messages


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