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Shopper Dimensions

Providing an unprecedented view of the UK consumer

CACI are experienced providers of primary consumer research for shopping destinations across the UK and Europe, including on the ground shopper interviews, online & panel consumer surveys and focus groups. 

Our extensive database of over 600,000 consumer interviews carried out in over 200 locations provides us with an unparalleled and comprehensive understanding of shoppers, what motivates them and what drives engagement. 

This allows us to ascertain not just how but why shoppers visit a centre using our Shopper Missions classification, identifying potential opportunities for growth and improvement.


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  • Exit surveys are crucial for providing a consistent baseline measure of centre performance. They provide the key to understanding the who, where, how and why of your shopper base, as well as what motivates a consumer and drives engagement

  • While other big data streams coming into a centre (such as Wi-Fi) can track dwell and frequency, exit surveys are crucial for providing a full set of robust set of KPI’s that be used to provide context to these data streams

  • CACI’s catchment surveys enable an understanding of non and low frequency visitors, in terms of barriers to visitation, enablers and perceptions, which combined with exit surveys provide a rounded picture of shoppers in your catchment


Shopper Dimensions Knowledge


  • Identify who your shoppers are, where they are from, and how they behave in centre

  • Measure performance and benchmark your centre against a competitor set
  • Understand key barriers to visiting a centre

  • Identify key influences on visitation

  • Determine how shoppers across a catchment rate a centre

  • Understanding what your shoppers want, unlocking opportunities for future growth

  • Influence marketing, leasing and asset management strategies

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For further information on Shopper Dimensions and how it can help you call one of our consultants on 0207 605 6226

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Shopper Dimensions

Shopper Dimensions provides a comprehensive understanding of shoppers, what motivates them and what drives engagement