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Marketing Technology


Confused by all the marketing terminology and technology?

It’s no wonder - there has been an explosion of new tools which have appeared in the marketing ecosystem over the last few years and it’s hard to keep up!


The explosion of digital data has led to the growth in the technologies required to process, analyse and execute this data for marketing purposes. The vendor landscape is now crowded and it can be confusing to understand what the different components do and how they fit together.

We have been helping clients with the dilemma of how these assets will incrementally drive growth and deliver measurable value to organisations for many years. We work to ensure that the tools being considered are actually going to solve business challenges and add value to your bottom line.
As leaders in the field of Marketing Technology, CACI has an unrivalled view of the Martech landscape. We help clients navigate this space: designing, building and managing market leading solutions. 
CACI's Marketing Technology services bring people, technology and skills together to create a real commercial edge, solving business challenges and increasing growth.


  • Data strategy
  • Marketing Technology Integration 
  • Use case development and vendor selection
  • CDP & Martech implementation services
  • Build, host and manage your Single Customer View


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