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Customer Insight & Analysis

Customer Insight & Analysis

We can show your customers in a whole new light

Customer insight and analysis isn’t just about focusing your view. It’s like going from black-and-white to glorious technicolour. 
At CACI, we turn data into action. We help a vast variety of organisations, including top consumer brands by taking customer analysis to the next level. We find new markets and opportunities, forecast the future and drive marketing performance and sales.
We love to dive into behavioural, transactional and digital usage data – and demographic, lifestyle and geographic information are very much our thing. But there’s one thing we care about even more: how that data helps you grow.

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Data is only valuable if it enables you to do something different.

So we’ll blend data sources, and visualise the results in an engaging, practical way – making your ideal customers, markets and locations easy to spot. And we’ll get that information into the right hands, at the right time, to make the right decisions.

But it’s not just about knowing who buys what, where and when. We can help you to understand where your customers live, what they drive, how many kids they have and what other brands they like. We’ll bring customers to life, making it easy to identify new opportunities, create compelling communications, and match your customer value proposition to what they really need.  


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We were there at the birth of Big Data.

We help organisations to group their customers into meaningful, 360-degree segments, using analysis techniques like rule-induction, k-means, Kohonen and hierarchical methods. We can also help you to attribute sales to marketing channels, and shape your communications in an efficient and powerful way.

Our data scientists help organisations in financial services, utilities, retail, telecommunications, education and healthcare, as well as the third and public sector to acquire, cross-sell and retain more customers – and even to predict future demand.  


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It’s hard enough to select and monitor the best KPIs – let alone compare yourself to other organisations.

But by understanding your customers’ behaviour, you can benchmark digital or retail performance – and develop a clear dashboard, showing metrics that actually matter. Like defining the customer touch points that show propensity to buy and ultimately drive profitability.






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Our client Nationwide

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CACI have played a key role in helping Nationwide develop their strategic segmentation which is widely used across the society. On many occasions they have applied an innovative approach to find solutions which solve business problems and create new levels of actionable insight.  
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Les Bruce
Head of Member Analytics, Marketing & Engagement



As a marketer, you need to identify who to target, what they need and how best to persuade them. The answers are in the data – and, at CACI, customer insight analysis is the cornerstone of everything we do. 
If you’re developing customer personas, aligning online and offline campaigns or simply identifying where best to deploy new services and marketing spend, we’d love to show you what we can do. (We promise you’ll be impressed.)


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