Managed Data & Technology Services

Deliver your services through a trusted Managed Service Provider

Every organisation wants to focus on the things that matter most but can often experience bottlenecks created from day to day maintenance, processes, reporting and functions.

With businesses under increased pressure to improve operations at a faster pace, they can achieve this in a cost-effective way through managed services.

A trusted managed service provider is here to make the lives of everyone, from business stakeholders to IT teams, easier. Utilise the skills of an experienced team of professionals to either scale up an existing team during times of high activity, or to plug a skills gap in a particular area.

Allow your teams to focus on strategic goals and core business objectives through partnering with a managed service provider to take care of any of your day to day data operations.

The benefits of managed services

As a managed service provider, our teams support you with managing end-to-end business intelligence and data solutions across applications, software and cloud.

To enable high value work to continue in parallel with day to day operations, businesses are looking to trusted Managed Service providers to support them.

How we can help

We partner with customers to deliver managed services in:

  • Absolute Insights – development, delivery and maintenance of all business analytics from our data and analytics experts.
  • Service Management – 1st and 2nd line support provision for administration of the data platform.
  • Data Management – full support to remove the concerns on best practice administration of key data assets through the application of industry standard best practice by our data governance experts.
  • Capability Bank – expert resource at the point of need. Access to skilled consultants for rapid deployment to deliver essential outcomes.

Systems Partners


Business Intelligence

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Cloud Data Analytics

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Analytical Applications

Turn raw data into actionable insights.

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