Circle Case study

Hackney Youth Justice service

A single citizen record

Hackney Youth Justice Service works with multiple agencies in the London Borough of Hackney to reduce youth offending and reoffending, and mitigate the impact of crime on families, communities and victims. Information sharing between these agencies is critical to managing the risks and vulnerabilities associated with young people, their families and the community.

The challenge

Hackney Youth Justice Service stores files about young people in its service using a document management system, Open Text eDocs. Adding data to this system was very manual and time consuming, and involved sourcing information from multiple systems. This opened up the risk of error and sharing the wrong information with the wrong people, as well as making data sharing very difficult.

The solution

CACI integrated eDocs with the ChildView youth justice application, ensuring all documents are accessed from a single source. Integration works both ways, so when a file is added to eDocs it is immediately added to the person record in ChildView. The system is used by youth offending workers to access documents from across the council and other agencies including social care and health services.

The results

Since adding an integration layer between eDocs and ChildView, Hackney Youth Justice Service has been able to save considerable time in storing, sharing and acting on information. And because documents are now stored in one place they have also been able to save on IT storage and associated costs.

“The difference that integration between eDocs and ChildView has made to our service cannot be understated. Something as simple as having every single document all in one place saves us time and money, and ensures we are acting on the right information all the time.”
Brendan Finegan, Service Manager, Hackney Youth Justice