Digital boundaries including postal and administrative area boundaries for countries around the globe

CACI offer an extensive world-wide range of digital boundaries including postal and administrative area boundaries for countries around the globe. Use these products in your business intelligence system or GIS to create territories, analyse shaded trend maps and add an intuitive sense of place to your maps. There is an extensive range of boundaries from traditional counties and detailed UK unit postcodes to German Gemeinden and Cresta Zones for Japan.

CRESTA Boundaries

Catastrophe Risk Evaluation and Standardizing Target Accumulations also known as CRESTA zones maps describe the distribution of insured values within a country. CRESTA is the global uniform system for the accumulation risk control of natural hazards. Low and high resolution boundaries are provided covering different levels of zones for natural disaster modelling.

Code-Point Polygons

This product is ideal for grouping individual unit postcode boundaries in Great Britain to define territories on a more detailed scale than postcode sector, district or area. Code-Point with Polygons has been produced by the tessellation of individual addresses and then clipped to roads, railways, rivers etc., which provides unit postcode boundaries for detailed thematic mapping, small territory aggregations and for overlaying on large scale mapping.

International Postcode & Administrative Boundaries

Administrative and postcode boundaries for many countries across the globe. These boundaries link to associated geodemographics so are perfect for market analysis or territory management applications.

UK Postcode Sector District & Area Boundaries

Accurate UK postcode sector, district and area boundaries created by the CACI team. Includes Isle of Man and Channel Islands. Available in high resolution boundaries, where more unit postcodes fall within the correct sector, and low resolution boundaries for fast rendering in web applications.

Education Boundaries

The Education Boundaries dataset shows the area that each school covers across Great Britain, together with their name, and their classification as a primary or secondary school. Ideal for marketing or research to identify the number of people or convenience stores within a certain distance of a school boundary.


Boundary-Line is a comprehensive and up to date dataset including boundaries for civil parishes and electoral wards; councils and local authority areas, unitary authorities and metropolitan districts. It is useful for creating territories, performing analysis and creating thematic maps.

UK Census Boundaries

CACI’s Output Area, Ward, District and Unitary UK Census boundaries are useful for mapping census data and can be useful for analysis, visualisation and territory creation.

Townland Boundaries

The data has been created by combining source data from Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland and cleaning it to create a seamless boundary set. The townland data has been combined with city council boundaries to create a dataset without holes and the combined dataset contains approximately 60,000 boundaries. The townland data can be linked to Eircode address data for analysis and map display at a mid-scale boundary level.