Population and Household Estimates and Projections

Population classification tool

CACI’s Population and Household Estimates and Projections dataset that provides population split by age and gender, and a count of the number of households, at a range of geographical levels across the of the UK.

The figures are available for every year from the base year through to the horizon year – which is currently mid-2069.

Although the UK census provides a comprehensive source of small-area population down to output area level in the UK, it is only conducted once every ten years. As time passes after each census the data gives a progressively less accurate picture of the population and households of the country because of demolitions, newly built housing, and changes in the characteristics of both local areas and the nation as a whole.

This poses a challenge for organisations when developing long term plans as more up-to-date official Government figures aren’t always calculated or presented in the same consistent way meaning it is difficult to obtain that single version of the truth.


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CACI’s Population and Household Estimates and Projections are available for the following levels of geography:

  • Administrative geographies: Including Census Output Areas which are the most detailed census statistical areas, typically having around 150 households
  • Postcode geographies: Including sectors, districts and areas
  • Unit postcodes: statistics for the current year and the base year


CACI develops Population and Household Estimates and Projections for the UK as a member of the Joint Industry Committee for Population Standards (JICPOPS).

JICPOPS is a joint industry committee that works towards harmonisation of small area population and household estimates in the UK. The key result of JICPOPS work has been a standard set of current year population (split by age and gender) and household estimates for Great Britain.

Further details of JICPOPS can be found at https://www.jicpops.co.uk/