Retail Finance Benchmarking

Become a member of CACI’s Retail Finance Benchmarking service for a clear view of the entire UK market. Contribute your data anonymously and you’ll get unrivalled insight into opportunities and trends in the current account, savings, mortgages and unsecured personal loans sectors – critical information for your business decisions

Critical, real-world insight into your specialist sector

CACI’s specialist Retail Finance Benchmarking team operates a series of exclusive, member-subscribed databases. They’re used by the UK’s leading banks and building societies. You get insight not just into your own data, but also a pooled, anonymised view of the rest of market, right down to postal sector. 

When you’re a member, we help you generate monthly insights on new business, stock and maturities. It’s a vital and objective source of evidence for informed business decisions in retail finance – for product development, pricing, acquisition and retention. 

Retail Finance Benchmarking membership has benefits

Through CACI’s secure portal, you get access to a wealth of up-to-date insight from dashboards, reports and blogs. We analyse and report on member performance in the current market. You can self-serve using dashboard controls for your own targeted, ad hoc analysis. 

  • Member-only conferences and webinars 
  • Regular account management visits  
  • On-site training 
  • Tailored workbooks 
  • Project work

Stay informed with our weekly reporting services. These give the earliest possible feedback on how your decisions have been received by the market: spot the first signs of shifts in demand. You can ask our expert analysts for support and advice any time you need it. 


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