Channel Impact

A five year view of changing customer behaviour in retail banking

The Channel Impact dataset is CACI’s five-year view of changing customer behaviour in retail banking. It describes and forecasts how the population buys and manages financial products. It highlights migration from offline to digital channels.

CACI has analysed and modelled behavioural data from the Ipsos Financial Research Survey to create the Channel Impact dataset. It includes projections for different product categories, for managing accounts and taking out new products. Responses and forecasts are linked to Fresco, CACI’s financial services segmentation. You can either apply them at an individual customer level or to Financial Footprint catchments, generating branch-level insights.


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Understand how customers will bank

Channel Impact tells you how customers are banking across all their banking brands. Crucially, it shows how those interactions will change over the next five years. That means you can benchmark channel engagement with the rest of the market. You can plan digital transformation investment and make data-driven strategic decisions – for example, about your branch network.

At individual level, Channel Impact is set of propensity scores describing the likelihood of channel interactions. These reveal channel preferences for acquisition or cross-sell campaigns. You’ll understand which customers are likely to migrate to more cost-effective channels so you can tailor messaging based on these preferences. You can also append behaviours and preferences to customer segments and personas, to deepen your customer insight.


We can also provide data for local geographies, to feed directly into spatial analysis. Channel Impact is designed to align with Financial Footprint, providing forecasts on a town-by-town basis. Understanding channel shift at this level is a powerful tool in branch network decision-making.

CACI is unique in providing detailed channel forecasts. Our data is used by the UK’s leading high street banks and building societies. In conjunction with existing segmentation and location planning tools, Channel Impact provides unrivalled, robust retail banking insight across.