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How Virgin Media successfully met the new Annual Best Tariff Notification Regulation

Enabling Virgin Media to Implement Ofcom's Annual Best Tariff Notification Regulation

What is the Annual Best Tariff Notification regulation?

As part of a set of Ofcom regulations launched in February 2020, all customers who are out of contract are to be communicated to on an annual basis from when their contract ended or if they’ve never had a contract. These should include details of the account such as current contract deal, price & services, future premium as well as recommendations for alternative tariffs available based on customer usage and current services.

Implementing the Annual Best Tariff Notification (ABTN)

Following the success of the implementation of End of Contract Notification, Virgin Media approached CACI to assist with the implementation of Annual Best Tariff Notification (ABTN).

The impact of the ABTN regulation was an unknown to Virgin Media. Whilst initial tests had been put in place in 2019, the bulk of these customers were on complex product holdings, predominantly out of contract and disengaged with Virgin Media’s existing communications.

These customers are likely to be paying significantly more than those customers who have re-contracted in the last 18 months. For the business, we had zero idea of the impact, even after testing due to the restrictions we needed to put on the data

– Ben Gibson, Senior Campaign Delivery Manager

Designing a Flexible Solution within Adobe Campaign

Within Adobe Campaign 9 individual workflows were created to deliver the ABTN solution to customers. This involved an initial deep dive into the Virgin Media customer base to identify all eligible customers to be communicated to before the 15th February 2021. Once this was complete, this information was shared with the Virgin Media commercial team to design and map out the best strategy for communicating to these customers which would not only be effective but also ensure the lowest revenue hit would occur.

CACI supported in designing the solution to be flexible, which allowed Virgin Media’s commercial team to adapt to changes in the market and changes to customer behaviour as a result of COVID-19. Evolving tried and tested methods from EoCN, the workflows allowed Virgin Media’s commercial teams to specify which ‘cohorts’ they would like to target for that month and this was then implemented into the solution.

Launching Within Regulation

The project was launched within regulation and is already having an impact in clearing the required customers before the deadline in February 2021. With over three separate runs completed the project was handed over the Virgin Media Insight Operations team to continue the project.

Without CACI the impact of trying to achieve ABTN would have had a significant impact to the business involving taking colleagues off from pre-planned work and cancelling other activity such as sales, cross-sell, retention.

Ben Gibson, Senior Campaign Delivery Manager

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