Cloud Development & Migration

Customising your infrastructure in the cloud.

Whether you’re a small startup looking for the right cloud solutions to empower your remote workforce or a large enterprise ready for the next phase of digital transformation, cloud development should play an integral role in your long-term strategy.

To help you tap into the many benefits of migrating to the cloud, CACI delivers several bespoke solutions and services tailored to your unique cloud migration plans.

Taking to the cloud: Future-proofing your business

The popularity of cloud computing has accelerated in recent years, with businesses looking to underpin their infrastructure for better scalability, agility and longevity. Your teams need the right solutions to collaborate effectively, store files and meet virtually.

Taking to the cloud and adopting the latest solutions allows you to engage and retain your employees and attract new talent from across the globe, helping you stay top of your game now and in the future. What’s more, migrating to the cloud could help your customers with a better virtual experience of your brand. CACI helps you to build a CX transformation that will stand the test of time.

Why you need to embrace the power of cloud


With flexible payment plans, different hosting options and fewer ‘lock-in’ clauses, you benefit from a service that allows you the space to grow.


Migrating to the cloud means you have the potential to scale. With a more agile cloud foundation, you’ll have the ability to flex your capacity to meet customer demands in real-time.

Business continuity and resilience

Unprecedented downtime can have a huge impact on your bottom line. Cloud computing helps you to mitigate a crisis and recover faster.

Remote work

Whether you want your workforce to access the data they need on their mobile device, or you’re looking to offer remote working across the board –migrating to the cloud is a wise choice.

What We Do

Our digital designs for your new cloud infrastructure are built and deployed as a holistic, managed service, our cloud migration solution offers service management, onboarding, implementation and configuration, validation and testing and service operation.

Our cloud-based secure hosting service allows us to run your day-to-day integral applications in the cloud with our comprehensive managed service. If you’re opting for a public cloud service, we work with Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, UKCloud.

Whether you need management and maintenance of a complex cloud platform, Software as a Service (SaaS) or Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), or both, our digital build and cloud managed services improve the efficiency of your business, bringing speed, flexibility, capacity, security and cost-savings to your IT services.

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CACI designed & built an innovative solution based on the latest cloud technologies to help us provide better care.

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