Cloud & Managed Services

Managing your data, infrastructure, software and services is becoming more efficient and cost effective thanks to the Cloud.

Cloud-based solutions have evolved enormously to provide businesses with a secure, scalable, and cost-effective solution for sustainable growth. But how do you know if you’re maximising the benefits of the cloud or simply paying for resources that aren’t being used?

Without a trusted partner to help navigate the complexities of the cloud, identifying the right solution can be a challenge. We provide a comprehensive managed service for all your cloud computing needs to help you achieve agility, scalability and efficiency on your terms.

Accelerate digital transformation through the Cloud

By migrating to the Cloud, you enable on-demand access to data anytime, anywhere, in a secure and cost-effective way. Reduce waste and simplify scalability as business priorities change, allowing for a more agile way of working.

Your cloud solutions are in good hands

We have the experience and skill to design, deploy, and manage your cloud and other technology solutions on an ongoing basis. We can help you migrate to a private, public or hybrid cloud depending on your needs.

Whether you’re starting your Cloud migration journey or need help managing and improving your existing Cloud estate, we can help with:

  • Enterprise Infrastructure: Build a collection of services to create a platform for future proofed business success.
  • Effective Data Principles: Our robust methodology means data is secured, maintained and governed for optimal security. Clear data lineage, data cataloguing and data quality maintenance results in a valuable business asset in a data driven organisation.
  • Seamless Integration: Using tools which rely on your on-premises data? CACI migrations ensure availability of solutions and data are complete unaffected.
  • Cost Management: A suite of reports mean billing management, scale up/scale down and subscription management are easily understood and controlled.
  • AI and Machine Learning: Discover how your data can give you a view of the future and what activities will positively affect outcomes.

Deliver your services through a trusted Managed Service Provider

Every organisation wants to focus on the things that matter most but can often experience bottlenecks created from day to day maintenance, processes, reporting and functions. To enable high value work to continue in parallel with day to day operations, businesses are looking to trusted Managed Service providers to support them.

We partner with customers to deliver managed services in:

  • Service Management: 1st and 2nd line support provision for administration of the data platform.
  • Data Management: Full support to remove the concerns on best practice administration of key data assets through the application of industry standard best practice by our data governance experts.

Our Technology Partners


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