Cloud Data Analytics

Insight on demand through data analytics in the cloud. Launch and scale your analytics solutions at speed and ensure analytics access for all of your users.

As businesses are increasingly reliant on business intelligence to inform decision making, more organisations are moving analytics to the cloud in order to deploy faster, employ the cloud scalability benefits and reduce costs.

Remove the headaches caused by infrastructure and software updates and empower your users to focus on insights with access from any device, anywhere, anytime.

Cloud analytics is delivering added value to business intelligence in organisations everywhere.

The benefits of cloud data analytics

Whether you’re looking for user flexibility or analytics scalability, businesses everywhere are seeing the benefits of moving their analytics solution into the cloud.

  • 360-degree view of your business: Bring all of your data together to improve the insights from data analysis
  • Scale at will: Change as your business needs change. Whether you plan to start small and steadily grow your analytics, or simply scale up when there’s a spike in activity, cloud analytics delivers ultimate flexibility
  • Built in data governance: Meet your transparency and accountability requirements, while ensuring every user has access to the data they need
  • Zero maintenance: Automatic updates and upgrades save business resources, costs and time
  • Cost savings: reduce the upfront investment required with on premise solutions as well as the ongoing in-house costs for software and server maintenance

Our team of cloud and analytics experts partner with companies of all sizes to empower them to deliver actionable business insights that improve their business.

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