Cloud Data Storage

Make your data more accessible, intelligent and secure than ever before. A cloud first strategy and approach provides data and insight on demand and delivers better business value for organisations everywhere.

Companies today are becoming more reliant on data and technology in order to keep up with evolving industry landscapes. From meet the demands of the market and consumers, generating new streams of revenue, and creating actionable insights from data, organisations are innovating and transforming at an unprecedented rate.

The key component to achieving this transformation is Cloud. With the flexibility, scalability and cost savings that cloud has to offer, almost every enterprise organisation today is using cloud at least partially.

Whether you are just embarking on a cloud migration project, or are looking to scale your existing cloud environment, our specialists can help you achieve better business outcomes in the cloud.

Accelerate Digital Transformation through Cloud

By migrating to the Cloud, you enable on-demand access to data anytime, anywhere, in a secure and cost-effective way. Reduce waste and simplify scalability as business priorities change, allowing for a more agile way of working.

How we can help

Whether you’re starting your Cloud migration journey or need help managing and improving your existing Cloud estate, we can help you:

  • Enterprise Infrastructure – storing data in the cloud is only a small part of the capability available in the Cloud. Build a collection of services to create a platform for future proofed business success.
  • Effective Data Principles – moving data away from on-premise solutions can be a cause of concern. With CACI’s robust methodology, data is secured, maintained and governed for optimal security. Clear data lineage, data cataloguing and data quality maintenance results in a valuable business asset in a data driven organisation.
  • Seamless Integration – using tools which rely on your on-premises data? CACI migrations ensure availability of solutions and data are complete unaffected.
  • Cost Management – a suite of reports mean billing management, scale up/scale down and subscription management are easily understood and controlled.
  • AI and Machine Learning – data science capability continues to grow at exponential rates with many experts agreeing that the next step for data is to automate and predict outcomes. Start the journey with CACI to discover how your data can give you a view of the future and what activities will positively affect outcomes.

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