Children & Young People

Supporting, tracking and improving the outcomes of young people is one of society’s biggest challenges. From early years and family support in the youth justice system, through to college and university, focussing on outcomes helps young people to fulfil their potential.

CACI offers three distinct software solutions across education, youth justice and further and higher education. Our comprehensive solutions enable schools, councils, local authorities and colleges and universities to understand, record and deliver exceptional services to the young people in their field. We help to support every child’s journey from 0-25, with a shared record that can be securely passed along the child’s journey to facilitate better understanding and knowledge of every child. In doing this, we help you to deliver improved outcomes for everyone.

Improving outcomes for young people

In the UK there are 50,000 children missing education. There are also around 50,000 children believed to be involved in county lines activities. Multi-agency working is vital in combating this. Creating a transparent record that can be seamlessly shared with parents/guardians, schools, local authorities and youth offending teams improves the means of communication to help you to simplify and manage the key process of sharing information. Our integrated case management and applied analytics applications provide a complete view of every child’s journey and their family. This enables practitioners to share information and insight securely and appropriately across multi-professional services.

  • Education: a complete overview of every child’s educational journey
  • Youth justice: in-depth, transparent reports on every young person in your services
  • Colleges and universities: cutting edge student information management software to communicate with and assist students

Each young person’s journey is different. Mapping and understanding each one is crucial to improving outcomes. CACI supports schools, local authorities, colleges and universities across the UK in focussing on outcomes for young people.

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