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Currently, government and public sector organisations are focused on cost control, delivering services to consumers with minimal delay and reducing bureaucracy. A modern, secure IP network is a key enabler to public sector organisations to achieve this, and to implement new services. These types of services can be vast in scope and can range from wide area network access for government departments, data transfer to multiple agencies, wireless access for patients in the health service as well as BYOD and unified communications.

A secure network and IT environment is fundamental to the smooth running of government activities, but major IT and infrastructure projects may  cause significant difficulties during deployment and consistently result in cost overruns resulting in a loss of confidence in certain providers.

CACI has been supplying IT network solutions into government for over 20 years. We specialise in working under the strict public-sector requirements and have proven results in consistently delivering of material cost savings so can give you the confidence you need to be your trusted advisers.

How can we help you

  • Providing operational support for mission-critical networks and IT systems beyond deployment
  • Vendor neutral systems integration
  • Architectural and design support
  • Programme delivery function to ensure that the network vendors meet their timescale and cost obligations.
  • Working on site with customers or remotely from CACI offices around the UK.

Where we deliver value

  • Reduction of your operating costs
  • Improving your service delivery to your customers
  • Delivering the peace of mind that comes with an ‘always on’ service from a provider you can trust
  • CACI consultants and engineers have deep expertise in the public sector, allowing us to quickly understand the needs of your organisation
  • We’re vendor-neutral so can be relied on to ensure the best of breed solution and implementation plan is chosen for new technology – whether in the cloud, or on prem.
  • Implementation of network management solutions that maintain high performance levels, manage faults and provision new services in the most efficient way

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